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The current Main Six banner.

Main Six is a non-staff player plot started by Toatapio Nuva taking place within the BZPRPG 2013 Arc. The details of this plots future are unknown at the moment, but the plot has been worked on since the beginning of the arc.

What is known of the plot is that it involves six specific character (Viima, Lai Lai, Kirgan, Jarkale, Hile and Tuli) as well as their allies. The events of the plot are yet to be shaped by all the players involved and those yet to join.


The old banner with Kaunis.
  • The Ga-Matoran member of the Main Six has changed two times. First Surina was replaced by Kaunis when the Assassination Attempt of Hahli shaped Surina's character into a malicious one. Later Kaunis was replaced by Lai Lai when she died in-game.