Sword of Makuta

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The Sword of Makuta is a weapon owned and held by Dark Toa Kavala.


The Sword of Makuta is quite large, in length about half of a standard Toa's height. It is also relatively heavy to wield due to the type of metal from which it was crafted. The sword is black and rusty in places, but works well in melee combat.

What catches the eye first are the symbols engraved on the blade of the sword. The largest engraving depicts an infected Hau, which is inteded to represent Makuta. The second largest symbol is the mark of Xa-Koro, used to represent the village before it was sunk. Other symbols are also featured, most of them portraying symbols of darkness and things associated with the Makuta.

Although the sword can be used in battle, Kavala mainly carries it around for show. He uses it as a token representing his alignment with Makuta and his darkness.


Kavala received the sword shortly after being transformed into a Toa by Makuta and going to Xa-Koro. The sword was specifically forged for Kavala by a shifty Xa-Koronan smith, who made the engravings under special request from Kavala. Since then, Kavala has been using the sword mainly for show, although he can battle with it if necessary.


  • The sword was named by Kavala. The purpose of the name is to instill fear in his opponents even before battle.