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Welcome to the BZPower RolePlaying Wiki

This wiki was created to serve as a centralized resource for BZPower RPGs - both to archive summaries of the stories of the past and to serve as reference for the various custom material we've created over the years, such as non-canon technology and species that have been approved for use in the BZPRPG and other RPGs.

Right now this wiki is in it's nascent stages, so we need any and all contributions you can add. Once we get more pages we can begin organizing them. See below for more info, and send any questions to Bulik

What are current tasks I can contribute to?

  • Migrating pages with Template:Infobox to use the new Infobox Templates
    • ALL PAGES USING Template:Infobox are in Category:WIPInfobox
    • Alert Max if there's another category that could use an infobox in this style.
    • Alert Max if there's another field needed for one of these templates (IE: Adding a field for 'Rarity' to an object because the prior infobox had it)
    • Alert Max whenever one of the Category:Infobox Templates needs a new category (IE: Adding a new template for Vehicles)
    • Alert Max whenever one of the Category:Infobox Templates has coloration/visibility issues that need addressing.
      • If you're brave, check out the hex colors in Category:Style Templates. These are used to globally control infobox coloration.
  • Updating the information for your characters
    • A lot of info is out of date
  • Adding proper categories to characters
    • IE: Remove "Category:Ta-Toa" because the new infobox automatically categorizes a character as "Category:Fire Elementals" and "Category:Toa" when you fill out the element and species sections
    • Have categories be nested for easier navigation
  • Marking out of date or WIP pages as such

Site Map

Great for navigating the general structure. TODO: Add this but for categories? Have pages link to categories or structured like the category tree?

How do I edit pages?

  • Make an account
  • Let me know you've made an account so I can give you permissions to add and edit pages.
  • Start making whatever you want.

We can figure out how to sort it later, after you start creating pages. For now, just view Special:AllPages and make any new page you want or edit pre-existing pages

So far, we've imported everything (I think?) from and but it's good to double check that we use those versions of those articles as a baseline that we can edit to improve. Also, some templates and images and whatnot won't be there, which we need to fix.

I want this to be bigger, better, and sexier than those, but getting there will certainly take time

Consult the User's Guide for information on using wiki software in general.

What are the wiki's long term goals?

Feel free to add whatever you want to this todo list as reference for your searches. Anything here being added would be greatly appreciated

  • Pages for each RPG on
  • Get new icon. get icon in tab. update skin to be more bzprpg-themed than standard dark mode
    • Gabe had ideas for this, but he's busy ATM
  • Flesh out page for BZPower
    • More of a general site history?
  • Pages for all 3 bzprpg incarnations (Must decide on a name? or just date by years? unsure on the preferred terminology)
    • Possibly edit names of articles that have "(BZPRPG)", "(NBZP)" etc
  • Sensible Category Nesting
    • category for all 3 bzprpg incarnations (for tagging pages)
    • categories for all rpgs on
    • category for all SKRPGs
  • create and change up category pages for pages imported from the old wikis
  • standardize templates for characters, locations, etc. and build new templates
    • Make templates more like BS01 with vector art inside of their boxes?
  • upload images from the old wikis
    • Possibly complete?
    • What might have been missed?

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