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The Ko-Koro Guard, commonly known as the Sanctum Guard, is the home army of Ko-Koro and is 80 men strong. Tasked with guarding, policing and defending the city itself, it's a staunch and determined army with all the stubborn traits Ko-Matoran hold. It's also the best army at fighting in snow, alps and crevasses. The Ko-Koro Guard has been scattered after its defeat in Battle of Ko-Koro.

History and Description

Founded during the Dark Time to defend from Rahi Attacks, the Ko-Koro guard is now one of the most powerful guard forces on the island and the best at fighting on glaciers and mountains. 

Chain Of Command

Captain of The Guard

  • Captain Korzaa (Visaru)

The Captain makes all the executive decisions relating to the control of the Guard, and is the final authority on anything guard related. Her only superior is Akiri.


  • Elmuur (NPC)
  • Krenn (NPC)

Leftenants handle the less important matters, such as purchasing weapons and managing the barracks. They are generally quite renowned guardsmen.


  • Derzon (NPC)
  • Kallio (NPC)
  • Jaatava (NPC)

Sergeants are usually put in charge of around ten men, and serve as an authority between the Guards and the Leftenants.


  • Derrus (NPC)
  • Kecand- Bulik
  • Koloktos - Baltarc
  • Lohka Reylo- KNI
  • Lurah (NPC)
  • Mirren (NPC)
  • Pakastaa (NPC)
  • Savros( NPC)
  • Sukot urn Voyuk-Mr. House (Mercenary)
  • Talvi (NPC)
  • Uzsaldyti (Kal Grochi, Inactive)
  • Veneras (Veneras, Inactive)


  • Tehlin Marrihk (Gravity)

To become a guard you must first be a Cadet, who sometimes patrol with proven guards, train, and perform menial chores until they have proven they are dedicated and worthy to take on full guard duties.