Toa Maru

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Toa Maru / Wanderer's Company
Toa Team
Slider Toa Maru.png
Type Toa Team
Alignment Good
Leader Stannis
Members Reordin (deputy), Oreius, Leah, Sulov, Korero
Status Active

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The Toa Maru are a Toa Team destined to defeat Makuta and awaken Mata Nui. Having activated the First Toa's Essence Stones, they are considered the First Toa's spiritual successors and protectors of the island.


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Takua traveled the island and recruited Oreius, Lepidran, Stannis, Aurax, Sulov, and Reordin into a team, and he entrusted them with the task of finding the First Toa's six Essence Stones. After finding Tahu's, Aurax was killed by a Rahkshi, and Takua captured. The Matoran continued on their quest, facing many trials such as separation and pursuit by followers of Makuta, including Ronkshou and Utu. They recruited Leah to fill the open space left by Aurax. Eventually the team met up, each with their own stone. During the journey they were joined by an unusual Ko-Matoran named Korero. Lepidran realized that he was not one of the Chosen, and left the party, leaving Korero with Lewa's essence stone. The group placed the stones in the Suva Nui uncovered in the Nui-Rama hive attack, becoming Toa.

They fought off a group of Rahkshi and went to Kini-Nui. There, Joske gave them entry to the Keeping Place. After completing individual tests, the Maru were awarded with unique, powerful masks. They then descended into Mangaia.

The Maru defeated the Manas and corrupt versions of the First Toa before finally facing Makuta. He tempted each of them with visions of glory if they betrayed their friends, but each Toa resisted them.  Combining their powers, they drove him back, and Stannis eventually defeated him by trapping him in the Legend using his mask.

With Makuta gone, they returned via the Rahkshi tunnels to their respective Koros, where they were hailed as heroes.



The Toa Maru were chosen by the powers on high and destined to defeat the Makuta. They were transformed through the use of Essence Stones -special Toa Stones that held the power of the first Toa- and are currently the most powerful Toa present on the island.





"I am Stannis, Toa of Stone and chief of the Toa Maru, the Wanderer of Mata Nui and Prophet in His Name. I am the Granite Paladin and these are my friends."

- Stannis

"Toa has a nice ring to it."

- Leah's thoughts on the team's name.

"The Maru's duty is solely to fight the darkness."



  • The Wanderer's Company was sometimes referred to out-of-character as the "Oceanic Six," though this nickname has never appeared in the RP itself.