Clan Korae

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Clan Korae is a small, mostly insignificant clan hailing from Odaiba that holds a rich history. They are among the most ancient clans, founded shortly after the Empire's construction, an age dated by the clan's dark orange monocoloured banners. They began as a fishing clan, making boats and putting them out to sea, not realizing that by breeding capable fishing captains they also had exctremely competent naval officers. When war came many of their members left their trawlers for man-of-wars and the clan became better known for their tendency of having excellent seamen instead of their humble fishing traditions. Korae captains went to both Umbraline and Fursic navies, though the clan tended to favor the former more.

After every war the captains who endured would return to pick up their fishing, though with each passing war their returning numbers grew fewer and fewer. In time Clan Korae abandoned its past in favour of a military future, though they maintain their old territory. Since then, the clan also began training gifted Soulswords.

Towards the end of Rora Yusanora's reign the clan was almost extinct with barely two-dozen surviving members, though it still kept its dignity and honour through its famed First Son. In the midst of the Dasaka Civil War, the clan unexpectedly adopted an officially neutral stance, primarily to preserve its tiny population, though First Son Inokio continues to serve the Crown.

Reputable Members

  • Tyee, Toroshu of Clan Korae
  • Inokio (in-OH-kio), First Son of Clan Korae, a Battlemaster