The Vault

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Makuta's Vault is a mysterious area in Mangaia, said to contain the secrets of Makuta's power.


The Vault.png

It is a huge, impregnable doorway – with no hinges, seams, or keyhole – that is situated in the middle of the deepest level of Mangaia. Rough maps sketched of the tunnels around it leave a huge cavity empty; the Vault, common sense dictates, must fill this void. A riddle is carved into the Vault’s smooth door implies that it can be opened, though none have yet succeeded:

Across an endless ocean

Beyond where minds can see

My key likes in the open

Where you will never be

Beneath the brightest thunder

Stand towers of the day

The light may break asunder

If night skies choose obey

The red sign on black eyes

Will lead you to your prize

What exactly lies within the Vault is a total mystery - with the exception of Takua, who entered the Vault and stole the Essence Stones, no one has managed to access its contents. However, it is assumed that objects of great power reside there, and how the Vault should be dealt with is a matter of great contention across the island.