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Crab is a mutated Skakdi who now looks a bit like a crab. No-one knows his real name.

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Skakdi, Mutated



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Crab was a peaceful Skakdi who travelled happily around Mata-Nui. At some point he was kidnapped by an unknown being. He was transformed into his current form and left to die. It is highly likely that this meant he was a failed experiment. He was ambushed by some bandits and his shoulder was badly wounded. He stumbled his way to Ko-Koro to seek help.

Obsidian Outpost

He was eventually found by the Mask Collector and questioned. He gave his answers but then saw Scholar fall from the tower. He tried to scramble his way up the walls to help him but he couldn't. He passed out from blood loss and was found by Veteran and taken to be healed. Arriving there, he awoke and was again questioned by The Outsiders. He revealed his past to them and told them about The Mask Collector. Later he talked to Zero and she asked him to follow her. He later followed Minnorak and 2 other major members of The Outsiders when they went out to save some refugees. He was questioned by Minnorak but he shrugged it off. When they got back Crab found Marauder and accidently let him free, resulting in a fight. Both were knocked out. He woke up eventually and was chained up heavily. He was questioned again by Judge. Marauder also woke up and despite everything, gained a little respect for Crab. The two talked about teaming up, before Scholar took them both down to the cells.


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His mutation meant that he looked more like a crab. He grew claws and his feet became more elongated.His face became more reptilian and he had no more spines. He has white and red armour.


Although Crab's name is currently UNKNOWN, Dane is planning to reveal his name, but not for a while.

Crab was Dane's first modfied species.

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