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Akriin is a Vo-Toa mercenary, and perpetrator of the Monorail Bombing . He is a mercenary, currently in custody of the Ta-Koro guard.


Akriin has very little for back-story, other than being an ordinary mercenary.


He uses a unique sword with two blades pointing sideways from the handle, so that he can stab with a punching motion.

He wears the Kanohi Sahnok, the mask of accuracy.

Ta-Koro Bombing

Akriin gained widespread infamy when he took a contract from a so far unknown Onu-Matoran. This contract involved setting explosives beneath the Ta-Koro monorail system and set them off. He then went to Ko-Koro to escape from the Guard, but was tracked down by four Toa from Ta-Koro. He then surrendered non-violently, and followed the four back into Ta-Koro.