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Serrated Blade



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Akura is a neutral Toa of Ice.


Prior to becoming a Toa, Akura worked in the Sanctum as a translator. Eventually, he became a Toa under unknown circumstances. However, he disliked violence, so he decided to leave the front lines of battle against Makuta to resume his work. For a while, he traveled with Akura and worked as a freelance translator. During their travels, they came across a large cave system in Po-Wahi. Inside the deepest cavern was ancient text describing the location of vault containing unimaginable wealth. He translated it and shared the information with Athiel. They soon parted parted ways and retired from travelling, returning to Ko-Koro to resume his studies.


Akura is very secretive, and doesn't socialize with others often. Akura dislikes violence, but will kill if he finds it necessary for the greater good. Akura enjoys uncovering knowledge, and will translate anything he finds. He is more emotional than most Toa of Ice, and can be irrational in his actions when under stress, even if an easier solution is available.

Abilities and Traits

Has control over the element of Ice. He is skilled at channeling his power without a Toa Tool. Because of his lack of heavy armor, Akura is very agile and fast, able to beat out most Toa in a footrace, except Kakama users. He is skilled in the use of his sword, and can use it to channel his energy to greater effect. He is able to translate most text because of his studies as a scholar.


Akura's armor is colored white and various shades of grey. He is slightly taller than the average Toa, and has little armor. His is thin compared to other Toa, and weights less due to his lack of armor. His eyes are colored light blue, similar in color to the coldest ice. He where's a Great Akaku in the shape of a noble version, and it lacks the telescopic lenses found on most Akaku.

Weapons and Tools

Serrated Blade: A serrated protodermis sword that can be used as a climbing tool, and a weapon.