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Alyo is a Toa of Fire, and a member of the Cultured Gentry. He is currently conspiring with Ambages.


Alyo was one of the first matoran to become Toa. Back in those times, fresh after the defeat of the Toa Mata, most new Toa were expected to take up their mantle and challenge the Makuta. Alyo noted that he had no masks of power, and the Mata had failed their destiny. What was to say he was any better? Regardless, he left Ta-Koro to escape from his companion’s scorn, and joined the Sanctum Guard in Ko-Koro, where he spent much time. He wished however, as a Toa, to do more with his newfound abilities.

He hadn’t quite the same outstanding morals as his fellows, and used his intellect and knowledge of the guard to cultivate a very successful counterfeit money company. He cut lots of corners and fudged a lot of rules, resulting in tons of money for him. His rule-breaking, and his respectable past as a guard, were eventually revealed to the criminal underworld, and he lost his little empire.

Scavenging what money he could, he rebuilt himself once more, as a well to do trader bringing near-priceless Ko-Koronan ice sculptures (only the rich were willing to buy beautiful sculptures which melted in days) and frozen foods to the great Onu-Koro marketplace. But like before, he continues to do shady underhand dealings which vastly increase his profit.

He’s rich now, and has happily settled into a new role as a member of the Cultured Gentry. Although originally content with his position, Ambages alerted him to the corrupt schemes of the leaders of the organization, and he and the architect overthrew them, installing Ambages in the leading position. As the technology of the island boomed, Alyo rode the rise and grew his enterprise exponentially, making him one of the richest men on the island. He moved to a larger mansion carved into the ice behind the sanctum, and settled happily into his new position of wealth. 


Alyo is a Toa, and looks almost identical to one of the first ones: same arm and leg types, same body armor, same two fingered hands. His mask is a Huna, however, and his armor, unlike theirs, is polished, well kept up, and even inlaid with golden designs. He looks as rich as he is, almost always seen with a gold and black wood cane. His armor is immaculate, but if you look closely at his under armor, you can see the signs of a previous, harsh life.