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Aryll is a former member of the Island Liberation Squad, and current Ussalman.

Aryll Vudigg







Arthron (shaped like a Noble Ruru)


Neutral Evil


Protosteel Gauntlets (bonded to arms)


Elemental Electricity, Kanohi power


Ambitious Toa, former general, former member of the Island Liberation Squad. Guardsman.





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Aryll was, years before coming to Mata Nui, a General on a far flung isle. Leading the army of one of several nations in the island, he spearheaded a genocidal campaign against the denizans of another country. A wanted war criminal, he somehow managed to arrive on Mata Nui.

Carving out a living as a mercenary, he managed to gain a reputation as a brave rahi-fighter. Eventually, he wound up joining the ILS. In ILS service, he fought against Rahkshi and helped build Pala-Koro.

Aryll continued to fight for the ILF, up until the destruction of Pala Koro by the servants of Makuta. During the battle, he was disfigured and scarred, and knocked out unconcious.

Eventually, he recovered from his wounds. He wandered the island, and straggled along with Kethrye's group. But soon, he grew tired with the group. Feeling that, without Madrihk, the ILF would dissolve, he left for Ko-Koro. He retained nominal membership before leaving. He has since joined the Onu-Koro Ussalry.

Appearance and Tools

Aryll is a tall, slender Toa of teal and midnight blue coloring. He wears a pair of dark blue robes, to hide the scars he recieved from the Pala-Koro battle. His only tools are the protosteel gauntlets that are permanently bonded to his hands. The gauntlets are silvery in appearance, and have light blue jems imbedded in the palms.

Abilities and Traits

Aryll is a master with his element, among the most powerful elementalists on the island. He can summon lightning bolts from stormclouds, and absorb and redirect enemy lightning, among other abilities.

Personality wise, Aryll is skilled with maintaining the facade of polite and calm gentleman. In reality, he is ruthlessly businesslike and lustful for power.

Also, he has a massive superiority complex. Knowing that he is from a more advanced, more 'civilized' culture, he believes the inhabitants of Mata Nui to be savages. Savages that deserve to be ruled by a civilized man like himself. His power over his element also makes him feel superior to other Toa.



-Madrihk and most ILS members. (Formerly)


-Aryll views Makuta and his servants as obstacles to his rise in power. Thus, they are enemies.