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Originally a Mahiki, currently a Kaulsi


Chaotic Neutral (In his words "Chaotic Awesome")


Spear, Mace and Chain


Elemental Lightning powers, Either Illusionary manipulation or teleportation.




Crew of the Infernakavika


Progenitus Worldsoul

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Arzanyos is a Toa of Lightning hailing from Ga-Koro that works as a mercenary.


"Well, you see, I was born in Ga-wahi, and lived an ordinary life as a boat repairmatoran. Then one day this guy came and..."

That's as much as can be proved about Arzanyos' past. He may have been recruited as a mercenary as a Matoran, or found a Toa Stone, or tortured for years by Makuta; no one knows. And that's just how he likes it. Recently, the most common story is that he became the protege of an illusionist. The trail of facts picks up with Arzanyos' joining of Lohkar's pirate crew. Currently, he sees no reason to leave the crew. Time will tell if one will appear.

Appearance and Tools

Arzanyos is a tall thin blue Toa in black armor. This by itself is not too flashy, but he also wears a embroidered red blue and gold cape, now including shoulder pauldrons. He wears a blue Kualsi, with a pair of obsidian triangle shades over the eyeholes. He carries a mace in chain as a secondary weapon, and primarily uses a black war spear.

Abilities and Traits

Arzanyos has Toa level lightning powers, and has an average level of skill in their use. Depending on his mask he can either cast illusions, which he is excellent at, or teleport, which he is not. Personality-wise, he is very noticeable. Whether this is because of a sarcastic comment, ridiculous behavior, overdramatic anything, or the occasional display of deadly skill, Arzanyos is not one to be unnoticed.


Friends and Allies


  • "Can you say, Everyone Else? No? Then... um ... not finished yet."



  • Arzanyos was partially based off of Ivanhoe's Maurice De Bracy and Marvel's Deadpool.
  • Arzanyos' shades are not a reference to Kamina. They were actually suggested by toa the kid after comparing the two's appearence, but they are actually a reference to Homestuck's Bro. Who is also not a reference to Kamina.