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Kanohi Mask:

Huna, in the form of an infected Avokii.


Two skrall style blades as well as exploding bamboo disks


Lawful evil

Lives in:


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"My name is Aurora, and I already knew yours.  My answers lead to more questions, questions I cannot answer.  Leave."    ~Aurora in a jail cell

Aurora is a mysterious toa with an unknown past.


Aurora is a tall toa, with a low slung head.  He is mainly black and grey, and has two skrall blades attached to his back as if they were wings.  He has donned an infected huna, that is in the same form as an Avokii.  He also seems to have the ability to change his eye color from red to white.  He has a cold, personality, and speaks in riddles.


Aurora's powers of air have been greatly weakened due to mysterious circomstances.  Due to this he prefers a hit and run fighting style, relying on his huna to act as a protection.  He tends to use an underhanded slice more than other things.


Aurora was first [heard] landing on top of the Bright Star Inn.  While there he seemed to be searching for something.  He then exited via a window, and accidentally hurt himself.  Then the owner of the Inn then attacked him for intruding.  He was brought to the Guko Force prison, where he was questioned by Commander Skyra.

Upon release he went about building and securing a base of operations, and creating exploding bamboo disks.

Shortly after his first encounter, Aurora quickly poisoned the water supply of Le-koro, but was later captured by Korero during a short short skirmish.  He was then questioned and locked into a security facility.


  • Ora_unit_SR388 (the creator of the character) has a habit of naming his first character in any text based RPG Aurora.
  • Aurora can wield his mask as a claw.
  • Aurora cannot wear (or will not) other kanohi masks other than his own.
  • Aurora has implied that he was not a toa originaly, and does not like being a toa now.
  • Aurora's control over air is closer to that of a turaga, due to the fact that he does not have a weapon to channel his powers with.