Barthel Deliresi

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Barthel Deliresi







Sensory Aptitude


Toa Sarsi




Flute playing - Sort of




Toa Sarsi


Thanatos the Hamazing

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His history before his phobias is an ever-changing back story that never remains the same for more than a few days. After his phobias showed up he first tried to overcome them, but this ended with failure and a near death experience through a heart attack (he’s not that bad anymore). After other attempts (all failures, but none as bad as the first) he decided to become a hermit (this lasted a full two weeks before the alcohol he had traded all his worldly possessions for ran out). After his triumphant (to him anyway) return from living as a hermit he realized he didn't have a widget to his name (as mentioned before he traded it all for alcohol). So he decided on a quick route to making money (A.K.A. sating his Kleptomania through robbery). After a few successful attempts in Ta-Koro he decided to go after a bigger (and well-guarded) target (he failed, miserably). After spending some time in the slammer he returned to his thieving way of life. Even after becoming a Toa (the events of which are another ever-changing piece of back story) he was still powerless against his own fears

Appearance and Tools

His armor is primarily a pale green with Silver as a secondary color. He has long and narrow indented slants going along his upper body and upper arms. He wears long brown trench coat type clothing over his armor, the inside of which is lined with a multitude of pockets (ranging in size from where almost only a hand could fit inside to one half the length of a forearm and almost as wide). His mask is the same light green as his armor, with the slants colored silver. His eyes are a Pale blue. He wears glasses over his mask (the glass of which has been removed, making them useless. He wears them as he thinks it makes him look sophisticated.)

Four metal chakrams which he retrieves and controls with his power.


Friends and Allies

  • The Toa Sarsi



"I do not know if there is any meaning to my name, except to those who have met me, to whom it has taken on the meaning of dashing and handsome." - Barthel on the subject of his name.