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The rank of Battlemaster is the honorrific granted to a Menti warrior who has acheived mastery over at least three psionic disciplines. This distinction is exceedingly rare since mastery over even two disciplines is a great acheivement worthy of high praise. Battlemasters are typically members of nobility and can be either male or female. A clan with a Battlemaster is greatly honored since such warriors are so rare and highly prized. All three great clans have a Battlemaster in their service.

Despite being only one discipline beneath the legendary heroes who were rumoured to use all four schools, nobody has mastered all four in eons. Learning the Menti disciplines grows exponentially more difficult with each one, making it almost impossible to master more than three.

Known Battlemasters

Currently, only a handful of Battlemasters exist in the Dasaka Empire.

  • Inokio, First Son of Clan Korae, tutor of Rora Yumiwa. Master of Mindarm, Willhammer and Soulsword disciplines.
  • Nera, Toroshu of the Fursic, is notably and unusually both a Toroshu and a known Battlemaster. She is proficient in Sighteye, Soulsword, and Willhammer disciplines.
  • Ihi, Toroshu of Clan Daikura, is another Toroshu Battlemaster. She uses the disciplines Mindarm, Willhammer and Soulsword.
  • The Dastana's Battlemaster, Sheika, is in no way related to any of the clan's composite families. An anomoly of society and perhaps the most brilliant natural Menti in known history, Sheika secretly taught herself two additional disciplines while at the Yards. She is paid exorbitantly by the Dastana for her loyalty, and is proficient in both Sighteye and in dual Soulsword summoning; her psionic weapon is a bow and arrow.
  • Rayuke, First Son of Clan Umbraline and Imperial Executioner is a Batlemaster of the typical Willhammer, Soulsword and Mindarm dinsciplines.