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"I'd walk a long way to kill someone and I'd kill for a long walk."








Mask of Psychometry (shaped like a Miru)




A large number of knives (but she only carries one at a time)


Elemental Sonics, learning the history of an object through physical contact






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Chromia is unusual in many ways - first, she is a female Toa of Sonics; second, she is completely white, and third, she has heterochromia - her left eye is blue, but her right eye is green.

She enjoys causing physical pain to others, but prefers not to kill



None of Chromia's life before the RPG is known - however, she knows Xylak well, as she made a reference to his hatred of riddles.

The Riddle

Before making an actual appearance, Chromia tore a Matoran apart, rebuilt it, and then cut out its heart, leaving it inside the closet of Xylak's room in The Final Problem. She later watched Xylak while she sat in The Final Problem's restaurant, meaning that she has a room there. After a Toa attempted to speak to her, she broke a number of his teeth.

After figuring out that it would be fun to cause pain to Arkrak, she ended up fighting the defensive Commodum. She left when Xylak appeared, in order to avoid being seen by him.

Long Walks

Chromia travelled to Onu-Koro, where she met Caige. She had a long conversation with him, in which she revealed her love of long walks, and became rather attached to him during the course of the conversation.

After a time-skip, they were joined by Naut, and made their way to The Unfortunate Fikou. Chromia and Caige left, going to a restaurant for dinner, but Naut was left with Commodum.

After having a long discussion which was interrupted by

Appearance and Tools

Chromia is a slender Toa, with completely white armour, a strange feature for a Toa of Sonics. Another strange thing about her appearance is that her left eye is blue, whereas her right is green. She is also very attractive, ranking somewhere around a 9/10.

As weapons, she has a vast array of knives, only one of which she carries with her at a time.

Abilities and Traits

Chromia seems quite friendly, although this is definitely not the case. She is sick and sadistic, going out of her way to cause pain. She often goes so far that she kills, and sometimes even kills for fun.

However, it has been shown that she gets along well with other killers, and that she has great respect for the people she kills, as she refuses to kill anyone unless she knows them well enough.


Friends and Allies

  • Caige (Romantic Interest/Boyfriend [whichever you prefer])
  • Naut (Friend)


  • Xylak (She despises him)
  • Commodum (only light rivalry, really)


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  • Chromia was created by Vorex as an attempt at making his sickest, most sadistic and messed-up character, but also one of his most human.
  • Her name comes from the fact that she has heterochromia, which causes different eye colours.