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A blue glaive




Chaotic good

Residence of:


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Cinica is a Ga-toa that once lived in xa-koro, until it was destroyed.  She now lives on a poorly made boat that she has stored freshwater and fish on.  She seems not to have any knowledge of what has happened since the sinking of xa-koro, as she has been stranded since then.

Weapons and tools

Cinica has only one weapon, a blue glaive that she claims to be made of a substance called cobalt, weather this is true or not is to be decided, but she has quite a lot of tools to work with it seems.  She owns a raw heatstone that has no cover, an ample supply of fish and freshwater, some dry driftwood, and a "Poor excuse for a boat."


Cinica was a resident of xa-koro before it sank.  When it sank, she was ready, and managed to escape the destructive force the collapse by sailing out.  She then taught herself to spearfish with her glaive, and generally avoided detection from the lighthouse.  Then directly after Kavala blacked out due to power overspending, she saved him and gave him to the crew of the Invincible.  Later she docked with the larger ship and requested passage back home.


  • Cinica is bad at fighting without aid from her element.
  • Cinica is extremely self sufficient, being able to survive with minimal supplies on her.
  • Cinica's name is derived from the word cynical, even though it does not describe her.