Clan Herupa

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Clan Herupa
Type Clan
Members Eshiwa





Creator Hatty Hattington

Clan Herupa is one of the many minor Dasaka Clans on the Kentoku Archipelago. They are renowned for providing bodyguards, assistants, and advisors to the clans.


Clan Herupa originated on the island of Oki, keeping to itself… Until the Matriarch of the time started to provide bodyguards, and later advisors and assistants to Clan Umbraline. As such, more and more members of the Clan found themselves in positions of possible influence. At the time, the Matriarch grew wary of many individuals within her clan, fearing that they attempt to use the positions they had obtained to further their own desires.

In response to this, the Matriarch petitioned for a decree for her clan. None may be allowed to be practitioners of the Sighteye and Willhammer Disciplines. This decree is still in effect. Clan Herupa’s penchant for providing bodyguards, advisors, and assistants to the clans has given them a respect of Order and Honor beyond that of other minor clans. This respect was surely spawned by Clan Herupa’s dual status of protector and helper to the clans, and a result of the first Matriarch’s fears for her clan. Clan Herupa lives close to the southern end of Oki, holding a small complex there large enough to hold the few Herupa families that remain upon Oki.

The last Toroshu, Herupa Eshiwa was eventually murdered by her son Jiyu, in revenge for his abuse. Due to the prime candidate for the next Toroshu is absent, and Seigyo's resistance to becoming Toroshu, Jiyu has been currently named Steward until the Toroshu returns.

Current Members

  • Herupa Eshiwa: The former Matriarch and Toroshu, murdered by Jiyu.
  • Herupa Jiyu: The eldest of Eshiwa's children, and her only son. Currently the Steward of Clan Herupa.
  • Herupa Seigyo: The second-oldest of Eshiwa's children, and twin to Jiyu. Serves as the bodyguard to Vilda Kulrik.
  • Herupa Hanako: Handmaiden, friend and confidante to Rora Umbraline Yumiwa. Eshiwa's youngest child.
  • Herupa Zola: Sister to Eshiwa. Forced to commit suicide by Jiyu.


  • While Clan Herupa offers members of its clan to aid all the clans, they have an obvious favor towards clan Umbraline.