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"We are the guardians of imperial authority, authorised by divine providence."

A small, but incredibly ancient clan, the Hogo (保護) serve as the protectors of imperial authority and the treasures present within the palace's mighty vaults. For generations, they have been considered to be neutral in inter-clan politics, but such views have been changing since the ascent of the new Toroshu.


One of the oldest clans in existence, the Hogo's existence can be dated to the times prior to the foundation of the Dasaka Empire, during the semi-mythical era of the warring clans. Throughout the ages, many theories have been put forward on how the clan had been formed, but the commonly accepted origin comes from an ancient manuscript written a century following the unification of Kentoku, whose historical accuracy is regularly debated upon.

The clan's founder is said to have been the Hogo-sha, who had originally sworn himself to the soon-to-be first Rora as a sandal-bearer. Following his defeat of a demon infiltrator (who would later be considered an evil trickster spirit of a sorts) in the protection of his liege's daughter and holy treasures, he was given the name of Hogo-sha by the warrior queen, as well as the duty of protecting the authority of the imperial family.

References to the clan and its founder are also present in later documents, such as the famous The Spirit of the Koshiki, a romanticised retelling of the warring clans era, as well as in tablets dated to the time of the First Fursic Rebellion. These show that despite their lack of numbers, the Hogo clan was incredibly influential during the early days of the empire.

While the Hogo have usually exempted themselves from the affairs of their fellow clans, from time to time they have deigned themselves to interfere, mostly in the protection of theirs and the empire's interests. It has been only recently that they have begun to take steps into the wider world of clan politics, a controversial move that is causing division within its ranks.

The current Toroshu, Hogo Noshima, is the instigator of these actions, and is fully aware of the conflict between her supporters and the traditionalists. However, time will tell whether the clan will continue this new course of action, or return to their usually neutral stance.


  • Hogo Noshima: Current Toroshu
  • Hogo Kamari: Retainer of the Toroshu
  • Hogo Akone: Imperial Guard
  • Hogo Higashi: Imperial Guard
  • Hogo Kaede: Imperial Guard
  • Hogo Glendalla: Guard in Training


  • The Hogo are frequently described as "shields" of the imperial family.