Darvin Le'Neer

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Darvin Le'Neer is the Kini-Nui reporter for the Mata-Nui Weekly/Daily.

Darvin Le'Neer, MNW Kini-Nui Branch  Name: Darvin Le'Neer Species: Lesterin Element: Plantlife Gender: Male Alignment: True Neutral Affiliation: Mata-Nui weekly, Kini-Nui branch owner Powers: Resistant to poisons, Photosynthesis  Kanohi: Kanohi Rau, Mask of Translation. The mask has been modifidied to include a flippable visor over the eyes. This visor cuts down on light and is a dark grey in color. Weapons: Two protosteel daggers. A complete writing kit. (words can be a very powerful weapon) Appearance: This muscular lesterin is clad in neon green armor etched with blue leaves and non-armored body parts a vibrant yellow in color this lesterin is a bit of an eyesore. Though aside from the armor he is quite the dashing figure and has a rather deep voice. Around his waist is a belt which has several pouches hanging from it along with spots for his daggers. Hanging off one shoulder is a satchel colored in deep shades of brown.  Personality: One could describe Darvin as a self-centered man though once you get to know him he is a good laugh to be around. Darvin is also a very observant man and has an eye for detail which comes in handy for his work. History: Not much is known about Darvin besides he has always been a traveling journalist and reporter.. Now he Owns the Mata-nui weekly Kini-Nui branch office. Weakness: His appearance, constantly tries to keep himself looking his best so he is often distracted if he finds himself dirty. His attention to detail can lead him to get caught up in matters.