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Dhurin is an Onu-Matoran who had an unfortunate encounter with a Parakuka.  He was a miner, but now is trying to become a hermit of some sort.  Both he and his Parakuka are Male.


Species Matoran

(With Parakuka)

Element Earth

Kanohi  Black Kakama

Alignment Neutral, leaning towards Evil

Weapons/Tools  Kohlii Stick

Powers  Parakuka Power-Up

Occupation  Miner (Formerly)

Group  None

Creator Bulik (Ryo786 on the Wiki)


Former Life

Dhurin was just your Average Onu-Matoran.  He worked in the Great Mines by driving ussals loaded with ore around, and had a modest apartment. 


A Parakuka slithered inside Dhurin's backpack while he was at work, and attached to him rather painfully when he got home.  After the initial attachment, he was asleep for 2 days, which probably resulted in the loss of his job.  He's been fighting against the creature, but is somewhat accepting his new life.  He is trying to escape to le-Koro and become a hermit.   His Parakuka has not activitated yet.

Appearance and Tools

Dhurin wears a black Kakama, with his eyes and heartlight colored Dark green.  His entire body is black, except for his shoulders, knees, and feet, which are dark grey.  He wears a Bandolier and a backpack.  Since he was joined with a Parakuka, he was been wearing an orange cape to hide the slug.  His Parakuka is Black, but bears a few very thin, dark red stripes.  there are also some small patches of orange and grey on it.

Abilities and Traits

His Parakuka can grant him a power boost for ten minutes. 


Friends and Allies




  • Dhurin is Bulik's first character with a Parakuka.