Disambiguation Style Guide

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Disambiguations are used when the same title could refer to multiple pages, typically when there are similarly named characters, locations, or vehicles in multiple RPGs.



'''Skyra Daring''' may refer to:

*[[Skyra Daring (BZPRPG III)]]
*[[Skyra Daring (Six Kingdoms)]]

[[Category:Recurring Characters]]

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Components & Tips

Template:Disambiguation is used at the top to denote this page as a disambiguation. It's useful because it adds the header image and automatically adds the article to the Category:Disambiguations

The name of the subject in question is bolded and followed by a list that links to each child page

Make sure this disambiguation is added to a fitting category for what it describes.

Finally, make sure that each page that might redirect to this character/object redirects to the disambiguation. For example, given the above, we would set the pages Skyra and Skyra Daring to be:

#REDIRECT [[Skyra Daring (Disambiguation)]]