Dreenan Visic

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Dreenan Visic
Element Plasma
Species Toa
Gender Male
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Kadin
Powers Elemental Plasma
Weaponry/Equipment Halberd and a shield
Alignment Semi-Good
History & Relationships
Group Visic Family
Occupation(s) Working with Nightning
OOC Information
Creator The Dark Chronicler


Dreenan arrived on the island by boat, along with her two sisters and brother. After they arrived, they were helped by a Toa of Fire, who offered to teach them the ways of medicine, and let them stay at his home. Her oldest sister and brother were the first to leave and head out on their own. The separation of those two was not a friendly one.

Later, Dreenan herself decided to go out on her own. She was different than how she was when she was first taken in by the Toa of Fire. She was still prone to anger and hatred, but she had been taught to better resist them, and despite her attempts, was unable to learn medicine from the Toa.

Appearance and Tools

Mata green over-laying armor, Kanohi, hands and feet. Black legs, arms, and body.

Abilities and Traits

A fierce warrior, always looking for a fight. Hotheaded, impatient, somewhat rude. Egotistical.




  • The island's laws


"Underground fighting? Sweet! This island has more on it than I thought it did."
— Dreenan

"Stop dodging so I can hit you!"
— Dreenan