Dryken The Chaplain

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Dryken is a Ta-Matoran character controlled by Norik The Student. He is a character in the BZPRPGIII.


Description: An old and shy Matoran. He walks with a limp incurred in his younger days, and uses his staff as a suppoort. His Light-Blue Eye-Light is now saddened with age.

Pre-Game History

Dryken was a member of the Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An since its early days. He served as a normal warrior first, then showed great aptitude in understanding the Book of Life. Since he was never the most physically able Matoran warrior, he was given a role of similiar to a Chaplain, inspiring his common warrior brothers and sisters with a personal understanding the Priests could not emulate with their stuffy speeches and threats. He was not charismatic, but he knew how each brother thought, and how to connect with them. During the Blackrock assault he was instrumental in rallying his brothers into battle. He escaped with the last copy of the Book of Life and helped re-found the Brotherhood. These days, he is a sad and old adviser. Although he disapproves of Larikon's bloodthirsty ways, he goes along with his decisions nonetheless, hoping someone more stable will one day lead the Brotherhood.


Although Dryken is now a sad old man, he wasn't always so. He used to be kinder and happier, happy to help his fellow brothers, many of them past miscreants, when the Mata-Nui worshipping Governments never helped nor cared for them. Now, although he still tries to help, a heavy burden seems to rest on his alredy stooped shoulders. By now, he is only driven by his faith in Ak'Rei'An and the future.


Dryken's mask is a Black Kanohi Pakari. His weapon and Badge of Office: A Staff with a minuscule purple lightstone encased in normal crystal. He also has a shortsword engraved with sayings from the Book of Life.


  • The creator of Dryken, Norik The Student, created this character in under two hours.