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Faerulo was a member of Team Kanohi Dragon and matoran of fire.




Ta-Matoran, Male


Fire, not attuned


Noble Ruru


Neutral Good, Healer of the wounded


Large quantities of herbs and tools for grinding and blending.


The ability to make any ailment go away after enough application of herbs, the keen knack of making all herbal blends carry a horrible odor.


Ex-herbalist for Team Kanohi Dragon


Team Kanohi Dragon



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Faerulo joined Team Kanohi Dragon as the traveling herbalist at the reference of Nakumiir, and soon became partner with Moriika, a fellow member of the team.  When the group settling in Ta-Koro, Faerulo spent his hours blending herbal tinctures and remedies to treat any ailment, from a head cold to agoraphobia (the blend made the home smell so bad the patient was forced to seek shelter elsewhere).  After the destruction of the Ta-Koro Hospital of the Guard, Faerulo joined forces with Moriika to continue a private clinic.  Unfortunately, the two died when a gas-leak set fire in their home and caused an explosion.

Appearance and Tools

Faerulo constantly reeked of the herbs he worked with, creating a personal space bubble of several yards wherever he went.  His armor was the color of hot iron, and twin emerald eyes sparkled beneath his noble Ruru.  Faerulo carried several jars and vials of premade ointments and tinctures to combat common ailments, although his office in the hospital had far more selection.

Abilities and Traits

An eccentric healer, Faerulo was a master in the arts of herbology, although he never cared much about the smell of his brews.  He was kind and quirky, with an odd penchant for sandwichs and spicy mustard.  


Friends and Allies

  • Moriika, fellow member of Team Kanohi Dragon and lover
  • Nakumiir, fellow member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Takimoc, fellow member of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Riaril, leader of Team Kanohi Dragon
  • Tarex, go-for for the Ta-Koro Guard Hospital
  • Tairel, a doctor at the Ta-Koro Guard Hospital