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Feongulf is a Matoran of Iron and a double agent within Makuta's followers.

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Powerless lesser Kanohi


Chaotic Evil


Dagger, knife.






Makuta, The Dreamer.



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Feongulf is the daughter of Fe-Matoran refugees who fled from darkness in their homeland to eventually find an uncharted island paradise.

Of course, the paradise part was not completely true. The refugees soon found that the idyllic island had troubles of its’ own, the Matoran inhabitants were threatened by hordes of Rahi beasts and the island’s six Toa, heroes with a millennium of expectations behind them, had went forth to challenge the darkness gripped their home and then. . .disappeared. The family of Fe-Matoran joined some of the other newcomers in the frontier settlement of Xa-Koro, hoping to help build a place of peace. As their young daughter grew up corruption began to plague Xa-Koro, criminals and Makuta worshippers made the small city their own. Feongulf’s parents spoke out against them and hence were murdered in their sleep.

Alone and without anyone to take care of her Feongulf made a living as a petty thief before eventually clawing her way up to a position of minor power within the gang run by Ferrin, an mayor Xa-Koroin crime-lord. Recently the Island Liberation Squad killed Ferrin and his gang collapsed Feongulf left the shambles of her former occupation and struck out on her own. She eventually encountered a strange, spiny creature that latched onto her back and knocked her unconscious. Feongulf awoke days later to find that the creature had bonded with her, granting her fascinating new abilities.


Feongulf prefers to avoid combat if possible, and will attempt to run or sneak way from most situations that involve combat. She’s a bit paranoid around others, a trait that has only grown since being latched by a Parakuka, she is still able to trust others (up to a point) enough to function in her line of work. Even with her paranoia she isn’t one to betray allies, better to keep the few you can get. She isn’t a very humorous person, and large amounts joking tend to gain her distrust, although she isn't above the occasional sarcastic comment. On Mata Nui the kind of people who keep a constant smile on their face are the same ones that will stab you in the back as soon as looks at you. She wears a cloak to hide the Parakuka attached to her spine, drawing it around her when she activates it. Life in Xa-Koro has taught her that it’s best to keep any advantage hidden, keeping your enemy unaware.