Firearms (BZPRPG III)

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A revolver with an 8-round cylinder
Type Weapon
Technology Level Advanced Tech
Inventors Various
Native To Zakaz

Firearms are weapons that use chemical propellants such as Photothermic Powder to accelerate projectiles through a barrel to deadly speeds. This is in contrast to Launchers, which use other means such as springs, elastic bands, or speed Kanoka to fling projectiles.

Types of Firearms

While all firearms operate on the same base principles of a barrel, propellant, and projectile, there are a multitude of ways to change those factors to best suit certain situations and ranges.


Pistols are one-handed firearms.

Krayn wielding a revolver in one hand


Revolvers have a relatively high capacity and fire rate due to their revolving cylinders which can hold multiple rounds before needing to be reloaded. Typically in the form of pistols, with lengthened barrels and optional stocks they can make very nice carbines.

A snub-nosed revolver, perfect for concealed carry


While rifling on barrels is not unique to rifles, the term rifle often refers to two-handed long guns.

Repeating Rifles

Repeating rifles use a lever or bolt to manually cycle a new round into the chamber from some magazine.

Precision Rifles

Precision of "sniper" rifles often use highly calibrated and magnified optics to perform shots at long ranges.


Shotguns fire a spread of shot to increase hit probability and are often devastating at close range.