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Forbus has worked for many political leaders in his life time. He has also been involved in war. Serving as a High Level strategist for many different small Toa Wars on small islands. Forbus was never stationed with a Toa team but rather was designed to help rule small island chains in the Southern Islands. He resigned his post and traveled up to Mata Nui looking for more important work.

Appearance and Tools

Forbus has all the elemental powers of a normal Toa of Sonics as well as weaknesses. Forbus carries a disc launcher as his weapon. Forbus always carries a set of ear plugs, which have a auto tune device that absorbs noises and then tunes them down for his ears, although this process takes a second or so so he has slightly delayed hearing. If this device is broken it will cease to function.

Forbus is of medium height and build, he has grey and black armor and bright yellow eyes. Because of a accident in his past, his left leg is badly damaged and weak. This of course inhibits his running speed and jump ability. He does walk with a limp.

He carries the Kanohi Iden

Abilities and Traits

Forbus is a natural statesman and orator. He is also a experienced tactian and strategist. He has the elemental powers of Sonics.