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Forger is a Fe-Toa, he is second in command of The Outsiders.


Raised in Ta-Koro, his family owned and operated a large and renowned forge. Outfitting the Guard and allies of the koro with weapons and armor. His family, home and forge were destroyed in the long years of war against the shadow and it's forces. His grandfather Rickert, a Fe-Turaga gave him his toa stone before dying.

He learned valuable lessons in life and combat while fighting for his Koro and the island, but became disillusioned with a military and government he saw as weak and bloated. Especially during the political unrest following Makuta's defeat.

His belief is that order and justice cannot be upheld with the current power structure on the island. Order, he believes, is principal in upholding the three virtues and ensuring peace. Unfortunately, his loss and years of fighting darkened his mood and outlook. He settled into the ideology of "might makes right", believing that the ends to achieve power were irrelevant if the power was used for good.

In search of that power, he helped Zero form the mercenary group The Outsiders. Sharing her outlook on the way to bring positive change to the island.

Appearance and Abilities

Average height, he has the powerful build of a blacksmith. Sinewy muscles and a broad frame built through years of work with the hammer and iron. His armor is blocky and vaguely ornate, the process of continual modification. It is brownish grey, the color of unfinished iron, with burnt orange highlights. His mask, eyes and heartlight are the same rust-like hue.

He has a large store of elemental energy and is skilled in drawing metal out from the environment. His past as a blacksmith manifests in his only skill, the construction of weapons. He lacks finesse in other uses of his elemental energies, in a sense he is crippled by his specialization.

His form of combat is done with these constructed weapons, while he is physically strong, he lacks knowledge and experience using his weapons, so he treats them as oversized arrows. Favoring a quick and unexpected bombardment to ambush and crush enemies. In hand-to-hand combat he is strong, but unskilled. So he prefers keeping a distance, using his vast array of weapons and shields to adapt to new situations.