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The Gravity Trio is a trio of Gravity Elementals created by Geardirector.

The Gravity Trio
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Group of Friends


Generally good


No official (Arguably Colx)


From left to right: Helios, Melna and Colx





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Pre-RPG and Founding

The Gravity Trio was "founded" by the three members ending up as neighbors in Le-Koro. Melna, the most positive and outgoing of the three, was the one to make first contact with the other two, and over time the three grew accustomed and positive to each others' company. The idea of the three as a team first came into play when the Matoran Disk Maker Helios turned into a Toa, and Colx agreed to teach him proper fighting and survival skills, so he could go about his duties as a Toa a bit more prepared. Melna too received traning, and the two decided to leave home and go on separate searches for adventure and to see the island.

Parting ways

Helios decided to begin travelling the island, travelling from Koro to Koro with the only tangible pattern of offering his services to each of the Akiri, in the hopes that it would give him some good opportunities to "be the hero"

Melna, in the meantime, went on a separate journey with the more tangible goal of "Adventure". She eventually ended up travelling along with Po-Matoran Lux and De-Toa Day.

Colx decided to open a Gym and turn training into a living. He runs the Le-Koro Fitness Center


Colx, Melna, and Helios. Illustration by Kughii, 2014.


The oldest, wisest and de facto leader of the group. Colx is a former mercenary, and the one responsible for most of the skills the other two can exhibit. Colx is sort of the "middle man" between the other two, as he has an explicit location he's staying at.


The closest the group gets to a "founder". Melna used to be a Kewa Bird Racer, and is the group's life and the "glue" that binds them together.


The Trio's flagship character. Helios was originally a Bamboo Disk Maker, and was drawn to the group originally because of his crush on Melna, which has since worn off.


The group has a standing agreement to stay in touch, usually via mail, and also through occasional second-hand news that people who meet them might be able to relay to the others should they run into them.

The only real binding element of the group is their friendship, they are not an official organization, nor do they define themselves as such.


Friends and Allies

Lux - Melna's companion

Day - Melna's companion

Vrina Tivosi - Colx's girlfriend


Coming Soon


Despite the fact that they are from Le-Koro, none of the Gravity Trio's members speak "treespeak" regularly, usually only doing so in moments of extreme excitation or stress, with the notable exception of Colx who instead switches to his mother tongue on such occasions.