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The Kanohi Haunoru is the Mask of Focused Shielding.


A variant of the Hau, the Haunoru is a rare Kanohi much sought-after by Menti Soulswords. Like the Hau, it allows its user to project a highly resilient force field; unlike the Hau, however, this shield is much more similar to the physical sense of the word.

It takes the form of a glowing, transparent shield mounted on the user's forearm. This shield is impervious to most forms of matter and energy (including Soulswords' psionic weaponry) and virtually weightless, allowing the user to block with great speed and dexterity. This is an advantage over the Hau; it can be used without breaking the flow of combat, being usable more as a weapon than as a power. The downsides to the Haunoru when compared to the Hau are first, that the shield does not fully encompass the user, and second, that any physical impacts against the shield are still carried through to the user's arm; it will not protect them against, say, being crushed by a rockfall or knocked back by a powerful blow. The shape and color of the shield vary between users.