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The Hiko, worn by Korero

The Kanohi Hiko, the Mask of Jumping, is a powerful mask, one of six granted to the Toa Maru by the Keeping Place.


The Hiko is sleek and aerodynamic, seeming to sweep across the forehead and cheeks of the wearer.


The Kanohi Hiko allows the user to jump between real locations in a flash. The Hiko allows for unlimited distance between locales, since it is not based on direct sight, but rather on images. The user can simply look at a picture of a location, or recall a memory of a location, and instantly "jump" there. If the location is unknown, then the picture must be explicit for the Hiko to work, for there is no room for error; any confusion in the moment of the jump will have grave and potentially mortal consequences. The user can also transport up to twice his or her own body weight with the mask, meaning he/she can jump with up to two other people or equivalent equipment. The Hiko does not allow for transportation through time or new dimensions.



  • The Hiko could be considered a souped-up Kualsi; it performs much the same function, but with extra features such as the option of 'passengers', or the fact that it does not depend on line-of-sight.
  • Only one Hiko is known to exist; this is the one granted to Korero by the Keeping Place.
  • This mask is not available to players unless given by a staff member.