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Great Pakari


Le-Koro, neutral




Fire Control, enhanced strength


Rapper, musician





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"You want to know who I am, you say?

Or where I learned to rap like this?

Well, I'll tell you now: I came from Le.

And by the way, the name's Ignis."


Ignis is a musically-inclined Toa of Fire from Le-Koro.


Le-Koronan Origins

Ignis first washed up on the Le-Wahi beach not long after the Toa Mata's disappearance.  When he was found by rescuers from the village, he went with them to Le-Wahi.  There, he discovered his love of music, and over time cultivated it and became a minor musician in the Le-Koro area.  Eventually, Ignis traveled to Ta-Koro due to his Elemental affliation, curious to see the great Mangai volcano.


While in the Village of Fire, Ignis developed an interest in lava surfing.  Deciding to take the sport as a secondary hobby, Ignis began to teach himself the dangerous sport, testing his natural resistance to heat to its limits.  Once he felt that he had a sufficient grasp of lava surfing, Ignis traveled to the south of Ta-Koro, where he "tested" himself by surfing out of a magma cave.  Upon landing on the Ta-Wahi beach, he set out once again for his home village of Le-Koro.

Appearance and Tools

Fairly tall but strongly built, Ignis has an orange-and-red armor design, with a slightly wide, rounded torso and moderately-armored limbs.  His streamlined red Kanohi, shaped like a Great Kanohi Miru, contrasts his bright green eyes.

Ignis carries a simple, slightly bulky warhammer, and wears a Kanohi Pakari.

Abilities and Traits

Ignis is generally fairly laid-back, or, as he sometimes puts it, "chill."  He has an affinity for anything he sees as "awesome," often going out of his way to commend the perpetrator of such feats.  He also has a bit of "chivalry" as a result of this - his respect for all things "awesome" often compels him to let things his foes are doing come to fruition if they will produce an "awesome" result.  He also has an affinity to music, taking to rap both in his free time and during battle. He often speaks in a slightly poetic fashion, which is a result of his musical tendancies.  It's hardly noticeable, though others have picked up on rhymes and the like in the past.  He will almost never lose his cool in a fight, unlike many other Toa of Fire.

As a Toa of Fire, Ignis can create, control, and absorb heat and flame.  His Pakari also grants him incredible strength, easily equal to that of a strong Skakdi.


Friends and Allies




-Ignis, after surfing on a wave of lava for the first time


  • Ignis was inspired by a character from another website, who was created by user War P. Anda.