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Kini-Nui is the most sacred place on the island - the temple of the Great Spirit - and definitely one of the more dangerous places as well.

The Kini-Nui Valley.


Kini-Nui is located at roughly the center of Mata Nui, in a valley to the west of the Mangai Volcano, and very difficult to reach. It is situated above a ravine, whose breadth is spanned by the bridge joining the two halves of the temple.

On one side of the valley is the upper temple area, which includs a tall temple with four spires, at the center of which is the Suva Kaita. This area includs six life-size carvings of the maskless Toa Mata. On the other side of the valley is the lower temple area, which includs the Amaja-Nui and a giant statue of a Toa Head. The Amaja-Nui is essentially a raised, larger version of the Amaja Circles found across the island and is used for the same purpose, to recount legends.

Part of the Kini-Nui temple as seen from the sky. The Amaja circle is on the dias off from the center.

The valley itself is forested, and tropical plants grow on the various parts of the Kini-Nui. Many tall, pointed rock spires fill the area surrounding the temple. At the bottom of the valley, running between the two halves of the Kini-Nui, is a stream that turns into a waterfall not far from the temple.

The Kini sits in a clearing of bright red grass which grows nowhere else on the island, ringed with the dense jungle beyond it.

2013 Arc

Kini-Nui is situated at roughly the center of the island of Mata Nui. On the surface, this area is a jungle of tall trees and chattering wildlife. The main landmark is the Kini-Nui temple, an ancient structure that houses the Suva Kaita, one of the main routes into Makuta’s former lair, Mangaia. Most of the importance of the area is deep below the earth in the sinister halls where Makuta once dwelled. Despite the evil being’s absence, this region is still tense; not only has it been labeled a “no-man’s land” between the Koros, but it also bears a residual aura that still makes the back of necks tingle. Local landmarks include:


An opening to the Kini leads into Mangaia below, once the lair of the Makuta, and now home to Makuta's Vault. A sense of foreboding surrounds the area, a testament to the dark power once held within.

Notable Locations

  • Amaja Circle: A pit of sand where the Turaga tell stories of Mata Nui, Makuta, and the Toa Mata.
  • Suva Kaita: A Suva, dedicated to the Toa Mata.
  • Entrance to Mangaia: Mangaia, Makuta's lair, can be accessed via Kini-Nui.


  • Although Kini-Nui is a specific location and not a fully-fledged Wahi, it is given its own separate topic in the BZPRPG.