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Kinvex was a Toa of Lightning on the island of Mata Nui.










Double-bladed spear (one end is pointed, while the other end is hooked like a Turaga's cane); hidden wrist blades; Dagger given by Nikaron


Elemental control of Lightning








Toa Xemnas of Crystal

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Kinvex was a Toa of Lightning. He washed ashore Mata Nui (on Le-Wahi specifically) one day with an injured arm and no memory of his past. He walked into a hospital, where another Toa explained to him the about island and its inhabitants. Kinvex then walked to Ta-Koro where he ran into Nikaron and his friends. He then joined them in tracking down the murder, Utu. The group eventually caught up with the deranged Toa, and after a long struggle, Kinvex managed to knock the Toa of Ice unconscious. Then, he and Tuara brought Utu to a guard station in Ta-Koro, where he was thrown in a cell. Eventually, another Mark-Bearer, Tank, helped break Utu out of the cell. They were pursued by Kinvex and some members of the Ta-Koro Guard. Utu and Tank were finally captured and had an audience with Turaga Vakama. While this was happening, Kinvex and Tuara were notified by another Toa, Angelus, that a Mark-Bearer had destroyed a village in Ga-Wahi. It was agreed upon that Kinvex, Tuara, and Dren (a member of the Guard) would follow Angelus to the location of the village while escorting Utu and Tank, in hopes that they would be able to put the new Mark-Bearer under control. The group headed to Ga-Wahi to find the remnants of the village.

Kinvex and the others eventually reached the village, where they encountered Dorian, a Mark Bearer of Rage. They also had a small run in with Dathros, a member of the Baraz species, whom Utu quickly scared off. Angelus revealed his possession of a crystal, which shattered, revealing a Charm for the Temple of Purity. He went to the Turaga to speak with her, and in the meantime, Dorian escaped. Kinvex gave chase, but Dorian overcame him, and the others quickly came to Kinvex's aid. Kinevx was knocked unconscious by Dorian.

Eventually, Kinvex woke up. Soon after, though, another Mark Bearer, Yuru, appeared. Yuru attacked the group, but Utu convinced him to join them. Even still after this, two more Mark Bearers, and one normal Toa, appeared. Yuru, Dorian, and Utu started to fight with the other Toa, and, in the fray, Yuru stabbed Kinvex. As he died, Kinvex gave some parting words and a kiss to Tuara. Then he died in Tuara's arms.

Appearance and Tools

Kinvex was a tall blue and gold Toa. He carried a double-ended spear: one end is hooked like a cane, and the other is a blade. He also carried a dagger given to him by Nikaron, and he had two hidden wrist-blades.

Abilities and Traits

He had the elemental power of lightning, and by extension, electromagnetism (a common electrical sub-power).


Friends and Allies