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Ko-toa, male


Ice elemental


Mask of Sensory Aptitude


Lawful Good


Longsword with double spur on pommel, pair of modified volo luto launchers, gear for surviving in the wahi alone, and a towel.


Toa of Ice, Kanohi of sensory aptitude, curious mind and incessant drive to explore!


Thrill Seeker and Explorer





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Ko is a Toa of ice, explorer, and freelance reporter for the Mata-Nui Daily.


Little is none of Ko personally, except that he is a toa who's destiny lies with the wind.

Appearance and Tools

Ko is tall, wiry, and pale.  Adventuring has created an inner toughness to the toa of ice, yet broken down the cold, reserved barriers he once had before becoming a journalist.  His carapace is frost white, with light grey accents.  The mask of sensory aptitude he wears is outfitted with a pair of telescopic lenses, giving him the impression of wearing goggles.  On his body is a black body harness, used often when exploring hard to reach areas.  He always has a small towel tucked away somewhere.  

Ko is not a serious fighter, rather participating in sparring or fending off angry rahi instead of waging wars with the rest of the knuckle heads on the island.  He carries a straight, double-edged longsword on his back (attached to his harness), and a pair of modified volo luto launchers dangle on caribeeners from his hips.  Each has a dual-spike, useful for moving in three dimensions or as spiked flails when pressed for time.  Writing tools, survival gear, water-pouch, and plenty of rope all live in the flexible backpack that covers the sheath of his sword when traveling.  In some occasions Ko will be found wearing a hard-hat as well.  

Abilities and Traits

Ko can be found chasing random matoran for "scoops" on an island issue, or delving into the unexplored ranges of the island to discover some new and fabulous flora or fauna.  He has a habit of talking while he works, thinking outloud three steps ahead of the task he's currently working on.  Ko is a drifter, never staying in one place, but rather ranging across the island in search of promising topics for articles.  


Friends and Allies

  • Mata-Nui Daily: any reporter from the Mata-Nui Daily is a dear friend of Ko's, even if he's never met them.  


  • Followers of Makuta
  • Angry rahi
  • Bartenders that require payment


  • "I'm from the Daily...  Hey, hey!  Don't just walk off.  What about my story?!"
  • "Now this is awesome."
  • "I have a deadline to meet: catch you later."


  • Ko is the first 2013 arc character to be a Mata-Nui Daily reporter not played by Emzee.  
  • Kughii is looking forward to finally playing a toa of ice.