Lavapool Inn

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A notable bar and inn in Ta-Koro

Location Description

The Lavapool Inn's exact likeness changes at an alarming pace, never the same and always busy.  What is clear, however, is the Lavapool Inn exists as a several story establishment with a large pub on the first floor and rooms for purchase on the upper floors.   The Lavapool is located in the main plaza of Ta-Koro.

In-Game History

2012 Arc

  • The Lavapool Inn was an adhock refugee camp during the destruction of the Ta-Koro Hospital Of The Guard .  The wounded who had been saved were moved into beds at the Inn until something more suitable could be found.  During that time a pancake competition was started between Tillian and several other toa.

2013 Arc

  • The Lavapool Inn was bombed into oblivion by the Piraka, a group of six Skakdi vagrants from foreign shores, in a ploy to break Vezok out of the Ta-Koro jail.  This event is known as the Lavapool Bombing.