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Island Mata Nui (Island)
Region Le-Wahi
Residents Le-Matoran
Status Intact

Le-Koro is the village of Air, located in gigantic trees near Lake Kanae in Le-Wahi.


2012 Arc

The village is essentially a network of platforms and treehouses, built high off the jungle floor in the foliage of the huge trees.  Travel around the village is accomplished through various hanging walkways, rope-bridges and ladders that connect the myriad areas of Le-Koro.  The village is reached via either Gukko flight, or by one of several coccoon-like pods that function as elevators.  Le-Koro is a bright-spirited village, bathed in dappled sunlight by day, and music is always audible on the breeze.

2013 Arc

Led by Akiri Kongu, the village of Le-Koro hangs in the trees directly above Lake Kanae. The airy city, a sprawl of tree houses, consists of beehive-shaped huts and shops strung together by vines or branches. Walkways are carved into the thick wood and grafted on the tree trunks, making a network that weaves in the treetops and casts a neat glow at night. Some treetops were flattened to make room for plazas and Kolhii stadiums. Music rings from this village as drummers and flutists fill the air with joyful noise.

Within the Koro, there is a new system of chutes, built by Onu-Koro’s engineers, that wind and twist about the trees. These chutes run to and from different sections of Le-Koro, and can easily transport Matoran by a mix of air pressure and gravity. Smaller chutes are also used as quick delivery systems for letters and small packages. Each access point is a small “chute station” where the users might choose their destination and chute accordingly. The largest chute station is near the Le-Koro marketplace.

The village of Le-Koro has become more fortified, as well. It is more strictly presided over than in earlier days, and the only way into the Koro is through elevators accessed by a bridge in the lake, or through landing pads where the approaching traffic is screened beforehand. Those entering via elevators are questioned about their business coming to Le-Koro, and the elevators are operated from secure places in the treetop city. The chute system has very few openings on the ground.

Le-Koro is the fastest trading Koro on Mata-Nui, employing air delivery systems which are much more efficient and timely than the trading methods applied by other Koros. This has made Le-Koro a valuable merchant partner, and they often work as a middleman for other villages' trade.

Government and Politics

Akiri Kongu runs Le-Koro, elected into office after the death of Turaga Matau.


  • Matau's Hut/Akiri's Hut
  • Underground Fighting Ring: Located near the base of a supporting tree, this fight club was dominated by the character Senegal (also known as Brykon), eventually falling into obscurity after his retirement.
  • Gukko Force Rookery
  • Central platform and market
  • Elevators
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