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Name: Lipa Gender: Female Species: Matoran Maturity: Mid 30s Current Affiliation: Ga-Koro Marines Kanohi: Powerless Rau Known Language(s): Matoran Voice: Soft-spoken, gentle, and empathetic.Wealth: Of decent means, thanks to her Marine pay. Detailed Description of Appearance: Slightly shorter than average, Lipa looks fairly normal, with a navy blue torso and feet, with sky-blue arms and legs, as well as a sky-blue Rau. Personality and Character: Quiet, respects her superiors and does her best to follow orders. However, she looks out for herself first and foremost. Believes that listening is, on the whole, better than talking.Beliefs: Likely the best way to describe Lipa is as a deist--she believes Mata Nui and Makuta exist(ed), but seeing that Mata Nui failed to intervene when they needed him most, and how Makuta is now dead, she doesn't believe in any omnipotent being, benevolent or otherwise. Fighting Style and Abilities: Lipa is not a fighter. When confronted with a fight, she runs or hides, two skills that have proven necessary in her career as a messenger. She is capable of outrunning most beings she encounters. Weaknesses: Lipa does not engage in combat, she avoids it as much as possible and isn't very good at it. Tools and Equipment: Brown messenger bag with the logo of the Marines on it.