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Mardi Indigo is the twin-sister-clone-thingy of Love Indigo.


Mardi was created when the original being, 'LoveMardi', managed to create a potion to fix her split personality. The result was a being who only felt Love-like emotions and one with the rest, with Sarcasm being the most prevalent. She eventually helped found the Emotional Spectrum, which broke up prior to the Cataclysm.


Upon arrival on the island, Love was thrown into a circle of events that would eventually end up with her fusing, once more, with Mardi. The new being, dubbed, 'LoveMardi', had Love's Personality dominant. She searched the island after being calmed down by Ariga, as she had not had to cope with so many emotions in years. She eventually seperated near the Mangai, and traversed the jungles of Le-wahi to see if she could find the Spectrum. Along the way, she teamed up with Pourge Franz, a Ta-matoran who had caused trouble for Le-koro years prior. He was captured by Nui-Rama, and the two attacked the hive. With the help of the captured matoran, the two broke them out, escaping from the hive relatively unscathed.

Reunited with the Spectrum

Love and Mardi then continued to travel to the Koro, but not before running into Despair, who was quickly drafted into the team. Upon arrival in the Koro, Love became witness to Yghari's amazing feats of agility. She gave him a recomendation to join the team, trying to be a little more subdued in drafting people into the team.