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Matu is a former Rahi Hunter who decided to explore the island of Mata Nui in search up a legendary mask. He had decided to become a chronicler, and wishes to learn the knowl

This is Matu. He is definitely not Nuhrii with an extra staff.

edge the villages possess so he can try and defeat the Makuta.


Matu was a Rahi hunter since he was 84 years old,but a strong feeling made him want to explore the island of mata-nui.

Hie lived in the Matoran village of Ta-koro,located in Ta-wahi,until he became a chronicler.

Now,he temporarily lives in other villages of the island.

His quest for knowledge has taken him into treacherous areas of the island-so that he could learn about the island and find the fabled mask of fusion-an object of great power,said to have enough power to fuse 2 beings together.

Appearance and Tools

He wears red armor,a red kanohi mask,a replaced foot.

He has a Kanohi disk,a Kanohi disk launcher,and a blade forged from the finest metal,bamboo,and a Rahi spine.

Abilities and Traits

Being a matoran,he doesn't have any powers,but living on Mata-nui for 574 years has made Matu a strong guy!

He has fought many fierce and humongous rahi before,so he knows how to outsmart almost any opponent!

When he lived in Ta-koro,he would always sit by the sacred fire and listen to Vakama's stories of the days of old,when 6 canisters washed ashore on a golden beach...


Friends and Allies

  • Vakama
  • Murk(Ussal crab)
  • Angan
  • Mangar
  • Olkhi



"Die,you filty Rahi scum!"

"I am Matu,the chronicler,i come in peace"

"Shush,i hear Giants!"


  • Matu once caught a really long Rahi.
  • His foot was once ripped off by a Rahi,but fortunately,Ta-koro's blacksmith made a new one!