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Mirr Silas (Muh-ur) is a Ko-matoran, originating in the Northern Continent of the Matoran Universe.

Mirr Silas









Somewhere between True Good and True Neutral


Sword, Disks


Merchant, Reluctant Hero


Zand's Armada


Nitro Frost

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Mirr was a travelling merchant, who lived on the Northern Continent for the 100 years prior to the Great Cataclysm. Post-cataclysm, he went out with Turaga Sura and Pourge Franz, two of his allies, and went to Metru-nui. Upon arrival, Pourge betrayed the two to the Visorak Horde. Mirr and Sura managed to get off with memory loss. They later travelled to the surface of Mata-nui, lost and confused.


During the Battle of Kini-nui, Mirr fought with the Ko-koro guard, but when the battle proved to be a fruitless fight, he fled to the Kumu Islets for the next Hundred Years. When he left to deliver goods to Le-koro on a normal trip, he ended up embroiled in a series of events that would lead to him re-meeting up with both Sura and Pourge, along with tons of other colorful characters. Eventually, he ended up being a part of Ariga's Army, a group consisting of Sura, Zand, himself, Ariga, Rivera, Pourge, Black Mage, the Baron, and Jeni. The group then split up to determine why they had ended up at the location they were at.

Zand's Armada

Mirr traveled around the island, trying to figure out what was wrong. He later discovered that Ariga, Rivera, and Sura were dead. He then met up with Toa Lyrica, a prosecutor from another land. During an expedition to Po-wahi, the two were ambushed by the Black Knight and Baron's fight, which ended with the Knight taking Mirr hostage, to act as his squire. A battle occured the following day, involving the Baron, Mirr, Zand, Naru, and Lyrica in an all-out brawl. Due to the outnumbering, Mirr's side won, and fled to the Kini-nui, to retrieve Ariga's mask, held by Jeni. After yet another battle with a Mana-ko, Jeni and Weta joined the Armada, and they traveled to Le-wahi, to find two mysterious toa that had suddenly interacted with their camp and left quickly.


Mirr is slightly larger than the regular matoran due to residial Visorak Venom in his blood. Other than that, he is a regular matoran, with light blue arms complimenting his white-gray body. For a mask, he wears the Kanohi Tryna, Mask of Reanimation. The mask has a scope for telescoping, similar to the Akaku or Great Matatu.

On his person, he has a bag, containing several disks and widgets. He also posseses a very fancy Jewel-adorned blade.


Friends and Allies

  • Ariga
  • Zand
  • Jeni
  • Franz
  • Naru
  • Weta
  • Sura
  • Nuju
  • Matoro
  • Black Mage
  • Rivera


  • Pourge
  • Baron
  • Black Knight
  • The Universe, really
  • Makuta



  • Mirr was the First Character created for the BZPRPG by Nitro Frost.
  • Mirr is currently the only Matoran in the RPG with a Tryna.