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The Onu-Wahi Mystix awaken.
Native To Mata Nui(?)
Powers Elemental abilities & sonar
Abilities Flight (Chiropteran, Draconic), Water-breathing (Aquatic)
Status Approved
Creator Ramona Flowers
Pronunciation MISS-ticks

The Mystix are a playable race of sapient, humanoid beings, defined primarily by their long hibernation periods, inhabiting dark environments, and sonar abilities.

Physical Characteristics

Mystix are generally of a similar height and build to Toa, with Vortixx-like heads and a tendency toward being slim and lean, adapted more for speed than strength or resilience. Possibly in order to fit into the dark environments they prefer, they tend to be of a darker colouration than most Toa, despite sharing similar elemental abilities and colour schemes. The most well-known Mystix are the bat-like Chiroptera clan of Ignotus, native to Onu-Wahi, who brought the Mystix to the attention of Mata Nui at large when they attempted an ill-conceived conquest of the island. Their most notable features are that they are bipedal, with bat-like ears and winged arms, which made them capable of flight. They have little in the way of biological armour, and as a result, the armour that they craft and wear has become a major facet of their culture. Despite receiving the most exposure, they are only one subspecies of the Mystix as a whole - the various clans have evolved in unique ways to suit their environments, isolated from the rest of the species by distance and differing hibernation periods.

Ignotus, former 'emperor' of the Chiropteran Mystix.

At present, the only other known subspecies is that of the Draconic Mystix, such as Aclaraung and Norathed, who more closely resemble dragons than bats; their heads are more reptilian, calling to mind those of the Tahtorak, and they are quadrupeds rather than bipeds, with winged front legs in place of the Chiropteran Mystix's winged arms.

Rumour would have it that there are also so-called Aquatic Mystix occupying the darkest depths of the ocean, although no sightings of such Mystix have yet been recorded. Based on how widely Aclaraung's clan diverge in appearance from Ignotus', it has been postulated that such undersea Mystix likely do not have wings, having evolved means of breathing and moving quickly underwater instead.


Mystix have elemental powers of the same varieties and power level as Toa. Although unable to use Kanohi, all Mystix share sonar abilities similar to that of the Kanohi Arthron, allowing them to see and hunt in the dark environments that they inhabit. Avian Mystix, such as Ignotus or Aclaraung, have winged arms which make them capable of flight. Aquatic Mystix are instead likely to have the ability to breathe underwater, having dispensed with wings for physiologies more suited to their environment.


The clans of the Mystix diverge as much in culture as in appearance, once again as a result of geographical and temporal isolation. Ignotus' clan came to value conquest above all else, and believed that the Mystix were a superior race with the right to rule all 'inferior' species. As a result of their combined interest in battle and lack of natural armour, the Chiropteran Mystix developed traditions around the armour that they wore on the vulnerable front of their bodies, with more armour being afforded to those with the highest status, and 'traitors' being stripped of all armour except for their backs, as even traitors deserve to die with honour, facing their killer. These Mystix were sealed in an Onu-Wahi cave, Aclaraung alongside them, as punishment for Ignotus' attempted conquest of Mata-Nui; centuries later, when they were unintentionally released, Ignotus attempted to do the same, and failed utterly. In the power struggles that followed, Ignotus' brother Zarnarax became their new leader, and continued to espouse the supremacist beliefs of his brother until his death.


(See also: Clan Chiroptera)


Centuries prior to the beginning of the BZPRPG III, Clan Chiroptera, led by Ignotus, was visited by Aclaraung, who was acting as an ambassador of the Clan Draconis. Unbeknownst to Aclaraung, Ignotus was in the final stages of preparing to lead his army of followers in a bloody conquest of the entirety of Mata Nui - a plan which was not without controversy, Ignotus' brother, Zarnarax, having already left with some supporters to form a splinter group of pacifistic 'New Mystix'. Ignotus' conquest, however, would fail to come to fruition, as he was betrayed by Learu, a member of his own clan. She exposed his plan and had him and all of Clan Chiroptera sealed into their Onu-Wahi cave, the innocent Aclaraung along with them.


Sometime after the beginning of Arc 1, they were released by the Vortixx Sentraken, after the long-hidden seal on their cave was stumbled upon by Incommodo. Ignotus immediately resumed his campaign of conquest - with his Air Commander, Zaruthan, and his advisor, Lazarus, he led Mystix attacks on the Kumu Islets and Le-Koro, the latter of which was easily repelled in a humiliating defeat that left little lasting damage on the Koro. With faith in Ignotus' leadership at an all-time low, Zaruthan attempted to usurp him, and was stripped of his armour and exiled as a result. Following this, Clan Chiroptera went largely underground, while Aclaraung discovered other Draconic Mystix, including Norathen, residing in Ko-Wahi - and, not long after, discovered Zaruthan, thought to have been killed by Reichenbach, still living, and allied with him. The next major shake-up of the Mystix came when Ignotus was found dead in the Ko-Wahi drifts by Toa Zongu and the Matoran Keuirce, his ignoble cause of death a stab wound to the back.

The New Mystix

Seizing upon the opportunity presented by Ignotus' death, Zarnarax - who, it would later be revealed, had killed his own brother - returned to the fold and announced himself as the new leader, despite Ignotus having named Lazarus as his intended successor in such an event. Proposing a strategy of non-violent conquest through culture and politics, intended to restore the Mystix to their supposed greatness, Zarnarax invited Learu and Aclaraung, the two most outspoken enemies of Ignotus, to form with him the Mystix Council. According to Zarnarax, they would act as his advisors and keep him from following in his brother's footsteps; however, he openly admitted to Aclaraung that this decision had as much to do with keeping them both close to him, in order to watch for any signs of treachery - a notion that Aclaraung, who was already planning to kill Zarnarax and totally destabilise the Chiroptera hierarchy, mocked as patently foolish. Towards the end of this first meeting of the Mystix Council, Lazarus fell to his death, his wings having been weighed down with ice, an event that Zarnarax all but admitted to orchestrating. In Lazarus' final moments, he attempted to warn Aclaraung of a danger posed by Zarnarax, a warning also heard by Learu, who had likewise gone to inspect the body. Reluctantly, Aclaraung told Learu of his plans to destabilise Clan Chiroptera.

It was only after this meeting that Aclaraung informed Zaruthan of Ignotus' death, and Zarnarax's new position as leader, prompting Zaruthan to return to his clan. Although Zarnarax did not provide a warm welcome, and claimed that Zaruthan could not count himself as one of their number again until having completed a mysterious initiation rite, he was allowed to return home to the clan's cave. Around this time, Zarnarax's rule became increasingly totalitarian, dictating who could and could not enter or leave the caves, and for how long, as well as assigning specific quarters to his fellow Mystix and insisting they stick to them. Likewise, he continued to speak of an initiation ritual, that would bring the rest of Clan Chiroptera into line with his New Mystix. Disturbed by this behaviour, Zaruthan, who had grown close to Learu since his return, created with her a plan to peacefully dethrone Zarnarax, and replace him with Learu. Zaruthan's scheme, it turned out, was doomed from the start; when he gathered what supporters he could into a side-cave in Onu-Wahi, to discuss his revolution, they were interrupted by Zarnarax - who was tipped off to the time and location by Learu. The confrontation which ensued was a bloodbath, with Zaruthan and Zarnarax's supporters alike massacred, and Learu knocked unconscious. Zarnarax successfully inflicted a mortal wound upon Zaruthan, but was defeated when the latter found a second wind, and brutally dispatched Chiroptera's leader. With Zaruthan and Learu the only survivors, they were invited by Aclaraung to join him and the other Draconic Mystix in Ko-Wahi, where they could keep their heads down until they had recovered and all of Chiroptera's bloodshed had faded into memory.

Notable Individuals

  • Ignotus (Former leader/'emperor' of the bat clan)
  • Zaruthan (Former Air Commander of Ignotus' army, exiled for attempting to overthrow him)
  • Agira
  • Aclaraung- The first known draconic Mystix. He claims eating metal is good for his scales.
  • Learu (Aru) - The traitor who caused Ignotus' clan to be sealed and imprisoned.
  • Zarnarax (Deceased) - Brother of Ignotus and former clan leader, having killed Ignotus in order to (allegedly) enact a policy of non-violence.
  • Norathed - The only other known draconic Mystix, besides Aclaraung.


  • Although originally based on bats, the addition of the draconic Aclaraung and Norathed led to the diverse appearances of different Mystix clans becoming a major feature of the species.
  • The Mystix have been approved in Arc I and Arc III of the BZPRPG III, having been absent in Arc II due to Ramona Flowers not submitting them for reapproval.