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"There comes a time in every girl's life where she has to trade in her Dorian Shaddix body pillow for a Dorian Shaddix punching bag."
— Nikarra

Nicknames Nikki
Element Lightning
Species Toa
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
Sexuality Bisexual
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Iden
Weaponry/Equipment Dual swords, Guitar

Twin Daggers (Formerly)

History & Relationships
Native To Mata Nui
Group Mark Bearers (Formerly)

Daedra (Formerly)

OOC Information
Status (IC) Alive
Status (OOC) Active
Creator Blue
Pronunciation Nih-CAR-ah
Color (Hex) 800080
Color Preview

Light Mode

Dark Mode

Nikarra is a Toa of Lightning, and an ex-Mark Bearer of Lust. She's also an ex-girlfriend of the Ladykiller himself, and an ex-Sloth of the short-lived Toa Daedra revival. What is she currently? The hell if she knows.


Arc 1

Nikarra languished in relative obscurity as the far cooler sister of Incommodo, right up until the day she met Dorian, and everything changed. Seduced (very willingly) into aiding Bad Company's heist of her cousin's casino, The Final Problem, her time with Dorian led to her becoming the Mark Bearer of Lust. This development created a feedback loop Dorian was all too ready to take advantage of, once it became clear that each Mark Bearer's days were numbered by the degree to which they indulged their Mark - and that they could give their time to one another. Their thrilling romance, however, was not to last, and Nikarra struggled with being left in Dorian's wake, developing an unhealthy attachment to him and following him closely around Mata Nui.

Arc 2

At the lowest point of the spiral that had begun when Dorian left her, Nikarra unknowingly found herself being served by him in Ta-Koro, during his tenure as a bartender. Rather than allow her to drink herself into an early grave, Dorian - out of guilt for his past treatment of her - helped her to get back on her feet, and they began to form a friendship. This too was ill-fated, as Nikarra met a man named Malik, claiming to be Dorian's brother and the sole survivor of the Shaddix family, the rest having (according to him) been killed by Dorian himself. Her faith in her only friend shaken, Nikarra began to spiral again, reaching her all-time low by joining the Daedra.

Her stint as Sloth was short, and characterised largely by the realisation that she was not nearly as vicious or messed up as anyone around her - a realisation that was accompanied by a growing optimism, kindled by Dorian back in Ta-Koro. She found a kindred spirit in Vyartha (at the time, Pride), and began to develop feelings for her; however, their relationship ended before it had even begun, when Nikarra chose to leave the Daedra and set out to find her own path. Her own path, it turned out, led back to Dorian.

Nikarra joined up with Dorian during the latter part of Arc 2, witnessing Joske's death at the hands of Echelon, but - like everyone else - was left behind by Dorian when he set out for his journey into Mangaia.

Abilities and Traits

Nikarra is skilled in melee and hand-to-hand combat, favouring speed and manoeuvrability, to the point of abandoning her original dual sword Toa Tools sometime before the RPG. She replaced them with her signature Twin Daggers, tailored specifically to fit into concealed compartments on her thighs. She uses her elemental lightning to supplement these combat abilities, rather than as her focus in a fight. These talents served her well in her career as an assassin, but she has largely avoided physical conflict more recently, partially due to the weakness and weight loss she suffered during her depressive spiral in Arc 2.

She is deeply empathetic, finding the best in people others might dismiss, and - contrary to the impression given by her snarky demeanour - is stubbornly optimistic. Despite these traits, Nikarra struggles with interpersonal relationships, finding it difficult to get close to people and then often developing romantic feelings for those few she does. In particular, her relationship with Dorian and its aftermath were marred by a toxic habit of placing him on a pedestal, and then becoming despondent when he failed to live up to that impossible standard, further worsened by her abandonment issues causing her to cling to him to the point of stalking. More recently, she has developed a better sense of perspective on her mental health, and - shortly prior to Dorian's apparent death - managed to find a fulfilling platonic dynamic with him.