Onoraza's Cavern

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Onoraza's Cavern is a hidden hideout in Onu-Wahi where Onoraza resides.


The cavern is quite small, about the size of a small village hut. It contains some old wooden furniture like a table and chairs, as well as lightstones that provide light. There are a few pillars of earth stretching from the ground to the cavern ceiling. In one corner of the cavern, there is a vine-like plant similar to a Vuata Maca tree. Onoraza uses the plant's energy to reload her Zamor spheres with plantlife power.


The cavern was long ago part of a tunnel system used by Onu-Matoran, which was eventually abandoned as better tunnel connections were formed elsewhere.

After being released from the Onu-Koro prison, Onoraza stumbled upon the cavern and decided to convert it into her place of residence. She used old Onu-Matoran equipment to furnish the cavern and began living there.