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Huna, Mask of Concealment


Chaotic Neutral


Three Talon Daggers


Elemental control of Air (formerly Mark of Agony)




Unaffiliated (formerly Mark Bearers)



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Reaver is a Toa of Air and former Mark Bearer with little memory of her past.



Reaver was once Xanev, a Toa of Air and Guardian of her home, a village in the sky. Tragedy struck when a malicious individual caused her village to fall, taking her friends and family with it. She miraculously survived, however, and set herself adrift in the sea, away from the ruins of her life.

Many days passed, and death was quickly closing in on Xanev. However, a ship spotted her, and pulled her aboard. The ship was captained by Areluke, who took her in, and eventually experimented on her, turning her into the Mark Bearer known as Reaver.

Appearance and Tools

Her dark green armour has been scarred by usage of her Mark, harming herself to gain strength. Under the power of her Mark, she had light blue eyes. Occationally, her normal eye colour, bright yellow, could be seen. Since she was stripped of the Mark of Agony, her eyes have remained yellow.

Her weapons were a set of three Daggers, all worn and stained with blood. They could combine into a Three-Point Star, a throwing weapon capable of being directed by air currents. The Mark infused the Daggers with its power, turning them into lethal Talon Daggers, sharper, curvier and longer versions of her former weapons.

Abilities and Traits

In addition to her Elemental control of Air, she had the Mark of Agony on her left shoulder. It physically resembled her Razor Star, and is the only part of her armour that isn't scarred. It increased her strength proportionate to the amount of pain or emotional suffering in the surrounding area. It also feeded off of Reaver's agony, explaining the scars. She could not use her Kanohi Huna as a result of her Mark Bearer status. She has since lost the Mark of Agony.

Repeated use of her Mark has taken a toll on her psyche, and as such, she is not mentally stable. She also has a certain superiority complex when it comes to non-Mark Bearers. She can be very friendly however, but is emotionally unstable. Due to her self-scarring under the influence of the Mark, she has a large resistance to pain.


Friends and Allies

  • Emotia
  • Jaron (Deceased adoptive father and drunkard guy.)
  • Knidia
  • Tillian
  • Dail



'I could've died up there, for Mata Nui's sake!'

-Reaver, before breaking down.


  • She was intended to be based off of the Reavers, a race of savages, from the Sci-Fi Western series Firefly.