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The Ruhaku, worn by Leah

Kanohi Ruhaku, the Mask of Intent, is a powerful mask, one of six granted to the Toa Maru by the Keeping Place.


The Ruhaku is a sleek mask, with a ridge running up the centre, parting at the mouth. Either side of the mouth are two vent-like protrusions.


The Kahoni Ruhaku allows its user to sense the intent of any other creature in the form of an aura around the being. The Ruhaku cannot tell the user thoughts or specify how the particular intent being sensed is to be carried out; it is merely lightly clairvoyant, telling the user or a target designated by the user what others are going to do or are already doing to him/her based on their emotions. The mask is always on at a low level. The aura and their corresponding intent are as follows:

  • Red – Angry/intent to attack
  • Orange – Lying/intent to deceive
  • Yellow – Afraid/intent to flee
  • Green – Helpful/intent to aid
  • Blue – Indifferent/no intent
  • Violet – Passionate/strong and unknown intent
  • No color - Mask is being blocked



  • Only one Ruhaku is known to exist; this is the one granted to Leah by the Keeping Place.
  • This mask is not available to players unless given by a staff member.