Skyra Daring (BZPRPG III)

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Skyra Daring
Ferain skyra arc 3.jpg
Skyra at the start of BZRPPG III Arc 3
Element Air
Species Toa
Gender Female, Male (Formerly)
Equipment & Traits
Kanohi Calix, Hau (Formerly)
Powers Elemental Air, Shielding
Weaponry/Equipment Laser-tipped katana, Blunderbuss
Alignment Good
History & Relationships
Group Toa Astha
Affiliation Gukko Force
Occupation(s) Gukko Force Commander
OOC Information
Status Active
Creator Snelly

Skyra Daring is a Toa of Air, a Commander in the Gukko Force, and a member of the Toa Astha.


To say Skyra has been through a lot is an understatement. She’s had to deal with pirates, Rahkshi, Mark Bearers, Makuta worshipers, being the best man at Tillian’s wedding, and nearly dying and ending up with a new body via an Iden. The kicker is that her new body had belonged to a female Toa of Air named Kilya before her spirit was destroyed, leaving the body without an owner.

She's now more or less beginning to adapt to her new body and sex. Not that it's happening quickly. Her relationship with Tillian is now rather confusing to her.

Appearance and Tools

Current appearance:Her new body has the look of a Toa of Air or plantlife, Jade green and jet black armor. She’s about the same height as most female Toa, slightly shorter than her old body. Her feminine appearance is fairly attractive, much to her dismay.

Twin protosteel katanas, the tips of which glow with bright green light, allowing them to cut through even solid rock and some metals. She has a standard Le-koroan flute with which she can summon her Kahu, Destiny. Some widgets, her Gukko Force badge, a couple of throwing knifes hidden on her person.

Skyra as a male, as drawn by Gravity

Abilities and Traits

A very capable and skilled swordswoman, Skyra is familiar with many forms of melee combat. Her natural Le-koran agility makes her very evasive and harder to hit. She is also very well practiced with her elemental and mask powers, as well as being an expert Kahu rider and decent flute player.

She’s still whimsical and snarky, but she’s lost a bit of her arrogance and pride since her body-swap She is in self-denial of the fact that she’s female and tries to act as masculine as possible. Still as talkative as ever. She’s rather friendly as long as you're not evil or otherwise ticking her off. Saying she is stubborn is putting it mildly.

Can be a bit overconfident. If you push her buttons her temper can take over. Pointing out, teasing, or otherwise reminding her that she’s now female in a negative manner will bring out her wrath.


Friends and Allies




  • Skyra is the first character in the RPG to have changed gender.