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The Tauhaka, worn by Reordin

The Kanohi Tauhaka, the Mask of Alchemy, is a powerful mask, one of six granted to the Toa Maru by the Keeping Place.


The Tauhaka is an asymmetrical mask; one half of it is ridged, with a scope-like eyehole, and the other is smooth.


The Kahoni Tauhaka allows its user to change the material or element(s) of one object into another. For example, the user could turn a tree from wood to stone, or a metal door to glass, the transmuted object gaining all the new strengths and weaknesses of the new material. This mask cannot create or destroy new things; it can only alter already-created items. The rate of change is determined on the size of the object – the larger the object, the more time is required exponentially to transmute its substance. Against living beings, the mask is far less effective.



  • Only one Tauhaka is known to exist; this is the one granted to Reordin by the Keeping Place.
  • This mask is not available to players unless given by a staff member.